Saturday, February 24, 2018

12 Legs Total

Hello all. Over at Lost Coast Portal there is a challenge of more than 2 legs. Well I made a card that has 12....
 So I started off with die cutting a heart out of white cardstock. Then I grabbed my Isle of Aud Animals set.  
 I arranged the stamps the way I wanted on the heart and then I stamped them out with black ink.

 Next I grabbed some pattern paper to be the base for my card. I then cut it to size. As I arranging the card I thought it needed a pop of color. So I grabbed a scrap strip of pattern paper that happen to be the reverse side of the paper I was using and added that to the front.
As I was looking at it I still felt it needed more. So I grabbed my sequins and added a few.  Then my card was done.
Please come and join the fun with More than 2 legs.  You could win some Lost Coast /Carmen's Veranda bucks.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Go Out

A new challenge over at the Portal blog. More that 2 legs is the challenge.
I started off making this postcard with a technique. It is from Wendy Vecchi. She calls them Archival ink backgrounds. Here is a link to watch her video on it. 
This is how I did it. Take Archival ink smoosh it on a craft mat. I took 3 colors. A gray, tan(brown) and a teal . Next you spray 91% isopropyl alcohol on them. Then you take you paper and put it in the ink. The great thing is the paper does not warp.
 Please if you do this PLEASE do it in a ventilated area.
The alcohol dries fast. So the next step I did was pick out a stencil and used some of the gray ink and added it to my background. Then I had a scrap of pattern paper on the table and I added that to the postcard in the corner.
Then I stamped the Happy Cat stamp on tissue paper.  I did that because at the time I didn't have a clue where I was going with this postcard.
Anyway I glued the stamped image on to the postcard with matte gel.  As that was drying I went through my word stickers and found this saying. I cut and added it to the postcard and I outlined it with black marker.
Then I was looking at it and I felt it still needed something so I grabbed my  mini crown stamp and stamped it on top of the cats head because you all know it is always better with a crown.
Then last I took the teal ink and I stamped  Corner Swirl around the postcard.
Come join the fun with this challenge. I would love to see what you all come up with.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Walking together

                                                    Happy Valentine's Day to all.
I made this card for the Boys, Boys, Boys challenge over at Lost Coast Portal. You still have time to join in the fun.
 This is how I made the card. I started with a white 8x11 piece of cardstock. Grabbed some paints and my fingers and painted the whole thing. Set aside to dry. Then on a scrap piece of white cardstock I stamped Thick and Thin Men. Then I cut them out.

When dried I grabbed some different stencils and some black paint and added to the paper.
 Next I stamped Doodle Circles on the paper and I then cut them out. you can see it here. I then placed them all over on the card front.
Then I added the stamped image the front of the card and I called it done.

Monday, February 12, 2018

For Him

Frist I painted the burlap heart in black paint. Let dry. Then I went over it in blue paint let dry. I stamped the Pocket watch with flowers  stamp in brown ink all over the pattern paper. Next I took peacock pocket watch and stamped it in blue all over the paper. Then I took the tag and stamped for him on it. Then I layered it on the heart, then on the card.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Man Arch

So over at Lost Coast Portal the challenge is Boys, Boys, Boys (or men) Today I made a arch for this.

 Frist off  I grabbed some Tim Holtz paper to make the arch. Then I started looking through my stash of bits and piece of paper stash and grabbed a few things that I thought would work well together.

So I started off with stamping my background. I used ATC Gothic Text and Grunge Diamond Background. I would say these are my go to stamps to start a background layer. Next I edged the arch with brown ink. Grunge it up. Then I started on my paper stash. I figured out how I wanted it on the arch and then I started inking the edges and tearing the paper them gluing all in place.
Then I stamped Silhouette Man with Cane on a scrap piece of white cardstock and cut out. Edged the sides with black marker so you don't see the white. Then I glued him in place. Then I stamped the Numbers Border on tissue paper and glued that on.As I was looking at it I felt it still needed something so I  added a word sticker.
Please stop in and join the challenge.
Hope to see you there.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Paper Wooden Heart

Hello I'm here with a Blank Page Muse February's new Challenge. Blue hearts and time.
 Stamps used: Steampunk Pocket watch with wings
Other Supplies used:
Leftover paper scraps
Wooden heart
Tissue paper
Matte gel medium
Saying sticker

 First I took some scrap paper and tore them up to little pieces and glued them onto the wooden heart with matte gel. Good way to use up your scraps of paper we all have laying around.
 This is how the heart came out after I glued the pieces and trimmed the paper.
 Next I stamped the Steampunk Pocket watch with wings on tissue paper and glued it to the heart.
Then I added word sticker and then the black dots around the heart. Also I edged the heart with the black marker.
Then I put a strip of black cardstock down the middle and attached the heart to the card.
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Friday, February 2, 2018

Alferd Card

Over at Lost Coast Portal blog the Challenge is Boys, Boys, Boys. or men.
 Frist of all I have to tell you how I did this background. I watched Jennifer McGuire Alcohol marbling backgrounds.
This is what I came up with. Some not so good. Some I love. For me cold water did not work well. Just a little FYI if you are going to try it. Also black didn't work well either.
So I just grabbed one of these background and ran it through my Big Shot with a die and cut it to fit on a front of a card. Next I grabbed a stencil and made the swirl background with some distress ink.
Then I stamped Alfred Hitchcock on the front

Stamped again on white and cut out the movie cut board and glued it on to make it stand out. Then I added it to a white card front and done.