Saturday, April 18, 2020

Stargazer Gnome

Hello all I'm over at the Lost Coast blog today. I have a fun card I want to share with you.
Stamps used:

Okay I have to spill the beans with this card. I didn't start out to make this card. I was trying to make my card for the start of the challenge. See card below.
           I tried embossing the dragon with gold and it just didn't look good so a tossed it.
So I made this one and it got me thinking I still could use parts from my messed up one so I tore the sides from piece and started with my stargazer gnome card.
 I colored the Profile Gnome with Copic markers cut out and set aside(to be honest I had him done when I first got the gnomes. I just had to color them all)

 So I just taped the ends that I saved from my first project to the ends of a white card front.
Next I took some paste and put it through a star stencil. I then added 3 different colors of Distress Glaze to the top. Set aside to let the paste dry when it was dry I embossed the glaze and you get what it looks like in the photo.
Added the Profile Gnome to the middle and there is my card.
 There is still the sale going on at Lost Coast and Carmen's Verenda.  25% off
Also you can join the fun here.

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Springs Muse

Hello all I'm over at Gecko Galz today. I have made 2 digital postcards for you.
What I used:
painters dream paper
pixie spring
ode to the muse
dreams of spring mini paper
Been framed kit
 By the way they are both 4x6 size for the postcards.

 You can also join in the fun here.

Monday, April 6, 2020

Spring Gnome

Hello It's April. Spring is here. Well not here I had snow on Friday. So we will say Spring-ish.
I'm over at Lost Coast Blog today with a fun gnomey card for you.
I used the new gnome stamp rabbit gnome
 Come see how I made it over on the blog.
 Also you can join the fun challenge here.

And the sale is still going on so head over there and pick up some stamps.