Monday, January 1, 2018

New Year's Party Crown

I have a New Year's Party Crown idea for you.
 Over at Blank Page Muse blog the theme is Color Play. What colors you might ask? Turquoise, sliver and sparkle.
I first started out with some white cardstock and painted it with some turquoise paint. Let dry or hit it with a heat gun.
Next I took sliver paint and a sea sponge and sponged it all over the cardstock. Let that dry.
Here is what it looks like after I was done.
Next I took small sunflower blossom stamp quite a few times on the paper and I cut them out. I edged them with a black marker so you don't see the white edges on it.
After I cut them out I took some art wire and wrapped it around a pen to make the spiral and attached the blossom to the top and taped the other end inside the crown.
Last I took one  blossom and cut it in half and added it to the front of the crown.
What a fun way to start 2018.
My supplies:
Other supplies:
 White cardstock
 Turquoise paint
 Sliver paint
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Monique Van dijk said...

Such a fun project

Jenn DuBell said...

How adorably creative you are! Love it!

Cathy Frailey said...

Very cool idea - that'd be great for Mardi Gras!

Katie Lamb said...

This is fabulous

Karen said...

Clever idea...great 3D project.

Sharon said...

So creative - looks great!